So many people feel trapped in the life they are living, even from such a young age. Feeling useless, frustrated, lonely, stressed, anxious, depressed, unfulfilled and discouraged. Not knowing who they are, where they are or where their life is going. They want more but don’t know what or how to get there.  

Can you relate to this? I can.  

About me 

My name is Ellie and I’m the founder of Let Your Smile Shine.  

I am 23 years old and live on the South Coast of the UK. 

I’ve dreamed about creating Let Your Smile Shine for the past two years, but I have been too afraid to put myself out there. The last 2 years I have experienced some big changes in my life. Positive changes that I have thought about, written about in my journal and started to implement in my life. This blog being one of them.  

These changes come about after realising I have been, and still do sometimes, live in a bubble of self-hate, being life’s victim and anxiety. I was letting these things, along with many other things, take over my life and I didn’t even realise it. I was being sucked in. I always down, always unhappy, never content and just had an all-round unhealthy mind, body and relationship with myself. I had no friends, no hobbies and just no motivation to keep going. 

Change hasn’t happened quickly, nor is it complete. It’s part of my journey. My journey to living MY life the way I want to. Knowing that I can have control over my thoughts and actions.  

About Let Your Smile Shine

I have pondered for months about how to structure my blog. I want to share my journal entries, my thoughts, my feelings, my research and things that have helped me. I realise now that there are so many other, like-minded people out there and I just hope by sharing my story, I can connect with people who are on the same level as me and even help other people grow through what they are going through.  

I can now see there is more to life than I thought. I believe the power of happiness is within us. We just need some direction on how to get there.  
I want this blog to help me and help other people. Let people know they are not alone. And hopefully make some friends along the way.  

If you would like to connect, contribute or share your story, please visit my contact me page for more information. I would really love to hear from you!  

Ells x x